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There are some bands that you’d like to go on and on. But then you hear that they’d split, and you think “Damn, why them?”. For me one of those bands is Mnemic - a Danish heavy metal band formed in Aalborg in 1998.  Even though they do not play anymore I still go back to their albums often and I think it is worth giving them a listen if you’re unfamiliar with their music.

Their music can be described as metal fusion – aggressive vocals with melodic elements, technical guitars, bass and drumming. 

Original line-up consisted of vocalist Mark Bai, guitarists Mircea Gabriel Eftemie, Rune Stigart, bassist Mikkel Larsen and a drummer Brian Rasmussen. The original vocalist was later replaced Michael Bogballe. Their 2003 debut album “Mechanical Spin Phenomena” was released by the Nuclear Blast records.

After another line-up change (bassist Mikkel Larsen was replaced by Tomas "OBeast" Koefoed) the band was touring Europe, providing support to, among others, Machine Head.

In 2004, Mnemic recorded their second album The Audio Injected Soul. Their album got them some well-deserved recognition and put them on Roskilde Festival stage in 2004.  For me one of the highlights on this brilliant album is a cover of Duran Duran’s "Wild Boys" – the 80’s classic in a very metal arrangement! To promote the album Mnemic recordeed videos for two of their songs: Deathbox and Door 2.12. Have a watch – especially Door 2.12 – it’s pretty cool.

After recording of the “Audio Injected Soul” the band parted ways with their vocalist, and his place was taken by Guillaume Bideau. With Bideau the band continued their musical journey recording their third album “Passenger” promoting it with a video for the song "Meaningless" – the most melodic song on the whole album.

Sons of the System – their fourth album, released in 2010 shifted the balance towards more melodic vocals and more electronic sounds taking away some of the earlier “rawness” of the band’s signature sound. After this album the three long standing members of the band (Stigart, Koefoed and Rasmussen) called it quits, leaving Mircea Eftemie the only original member.

With the new line-up in 2012 the band released one more album “Mnemesis”. This album was a mixed bag of old aggression and a new melodic approach. Unfortunately, the band disbanded in 2014.

I have a great sentiment for Mnemic - especially their first 2 albums. At the time of their release, it was a breath of fresh, metal air and I think I will be going back to those albums when in need of some good metal assault on my ear canals.

Members at the time of disbanding:

Guillaume Bideau - vocals

Mircea Gabriel Eftemie – guitar

Victor-Ray Salomonsen Ronander - guitar

Simone Bertozzi – bass

Brian Larsen – drums

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Dec 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Bands are formed and disbanded .What remains is the beautiful and timeless music.

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