My Tattoo Inc. The idea saw the day of light April 2019

During the summer 2019 has been a time, where this online magazine was created in heart and mind and strategies for the future been put to paper. 
​Awesome content for the magazine is truly in place by co operative partners, by the hands of travelling artist, people in the team and by our network. This has been built up in 3 decades, make us 100% completely  aware, that we can supply you with a magazine of high quality and unique stories from the Tattoo World.

We will in all upcoming issues having Tattoo Convention coverage with awesome photo´s and a lot of artist and ink features. We will also aim to show the World a lot of the fantastic Tattoo models who has dedicated their life and bodies to the World of Body Art.
Last but not least we want to highlight talented artists from around the World mixed wirh World class names, for us it´s important that the balance is good.

WHY a FREE version ?

It was in the early phase that i decided to make the magazine completely free of charge.
The only way this also could be a business was from the advertisers pockets and partnerships.
I have seen so many great printed magazines especially in the World of Body Art not selling anymore. Actually i thought it was a waste of money for the advertisers, so i wanted to make a magazine where we can track the readers numbers and give the advertisers a fair change to be seen.
I see a huge potential in this, the World´s first free online tattoo magazine.
We will have 4 quarterly editions + 2 spec. bigger editions every year.

With that said i wish you all a good read and look into My Tattoo Inc.

Carsten Augustenborg
Founder - My.Tattoo.Inc