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My Tattoo Inc.

During the summer of 2019 our online magazine was created in heart and mind. Developed and shaped after many years of work, experiencing and living the tattoo environment. Strategies for the future was put to paper – an awesome tattoo magazine was born. The content of the magazine has since been in place, again developing from every new publishing. Performed by our dedicated collaboration partners, by the hands of travelling artists, our staff and our extensive network. Friends, some of them has been with us for three decades, make us 100% capable of supplying you with an online magazine of high quality with unique stories from the world of tattoo art.

In future issues we will present Tattoo Convention coverage with professional photos, loads of the finest artists and ink features from around the world. We will also aim to show our readers some of the fantastic tattoo models who has dedicated their life and bodies to the world of Body Art. Last, but not the least we want to highlight talented artists from around the world, of course mixed with world class names. From the past to the future, we bring you everywhere.

A Free Version
It was at an early stage that I decided to make the magazine completely free of charge, and the only way this could be a business was with advertising and partnerships. Through the decades I have experienced many great printed magazines, especially in the world of Body Art selling less and less and finally shutting down. Actually, I thought it was a waste of money for the advertisers, so i wanted to make a magazine where we can track the readers numbers and give the advertisers a fair chance to be seen.


My partners and I see a huge potential in this, the world´s first free online tattoo magazine. We are working, we are growing and we have found the right platform to all artists and you readers. One million have read our mag and numbers don’t lie!


We will publish four quarterly editions + two special and extended editions every year.

I wish you all a good read and look into the world of My Tattoo Inc. Enjoy!

Carsten Augustenborg
Founder - My Tattoo Inc 

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