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Welcome to the "Frontcovers" section of our website!

At My Tattoo Inc., we believe that every inked individual has a unique story to tell, and our "Frontcovers" feature is all about celebrating those stories. We take immense pride in showcasing the incredible talent and personalities within the tattoo community, and we want you to be a part of it!


What Does It Mean to Be a "Frontcover"?

Being a "Frontcover" means taking center stage in our vibrant tattoo ecosystem. When you grace the cover of one of our magazines, you become an integral part of our community, and we ensure that your journey with us is nothing short of remarkable.

Here's How We Take Care of Our Frontcover Models:

  1. Exposure: Your incredible artwork and personality are highlighted on our magazine covers, giving you maximum exposure to our global readership.

  2. Ongoing Support: We don't stop at the cover. We continue to feature you and your work in our future editions, keeping our audience engaged with your evolving journey.

  3. Social Media Spotlight: Our social media platforms amplify your presence, making sure your talent and story reach even more like-minded individuals.

  4. Community Engagement: You become a part of our exclusive "Frontcover" community, connecting with fellow artists and enthusiasts who share your passion for ink.

How Can You Be a Frontcover?

Having an inked attitude is the first step! We're always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals who want to share their artistry and stories with the world. If you're interested in being a "Frontcover" model, reach out to us and let us know why you'd be a perfect fit.


E-mail us a picture of you and tell us why you would be a perfect fit for us, and no you don`t need to have 800K followers on your Social Media.




Meet Our Frontcover Models:

Below, you'll find a showcase of some of the incredible inked individuals who have graced the covers of our magazines. They've not only shared their art but have also become an integral part of our tattoo-loving family.

Join us on this amazing journey of art, expression, and community. Become a "Frontcover," and let your inked attitude shine!

Are you ready to make your mark? Get in touch with us and be a part of the "Frontcovers" legacy at My Tattoo Inc.

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