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Meet David Florez: One of Colombia's Master Tattoo Artists

David Florez is a talented tattoo artist hailing from Colombia, whose stunning creations have earned him a reputation as one of the industry's top artists. He is the proud owner of La Santa Hermandad Tattoo Gallery, a premier tattoo studio located in Medellín, where he works alongside a team of skilled artists.

David's talent has earned him many accolades over the years, including sponsorships and guest spots in some of Europe's most prestigious tattoo studios. His mastery of color is particularly notable, as he is known for his use of hot and cold colorworks that create a sense of depth and movement in his designs.

David's work ranges from bold and vibrant pieces to intricate black and grey designs, and he has a particular passion for creating tattoos inspired by nature and wildlife. He is also skilled in creating custom designs that perfectly capture the client's vision and personality, making each tattoo a unique and personal work of art.

One of David's most notable achievements came in 2017, when he won first place in the "Realistic Color" category at the International Tattoo Convention in Colombia. This recognition solidified his place among the world's top tattoo artists and inspired him to continue pushing the boundaries of his craft.

David's dedication to his art is evident in every tattoo he creates, and his passion for the craft is infectious. He is a true ambassador of the tattoo industry, using his skills to create stunning works of art that celebrate the beauty and creativity of the human form.

If you're looking for a truly exceptional tattoo artist, look no further than David Florez. His work is a testament to the power of art and the beauty of the human form, and his dedication to his craft is an inspiration to tattoo enthusiasts everywhere.

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Technical perfectionism and pure design style!



Waou these color tattoos is really tempting, hope he will visit Europe soon. Could easily book time for a sleeve.

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