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Peter Van Der Helm: A Journey Through Art and Tattooing

Opdateret: 21. dec. 2023

In the world of art and tattooing, there are those whose creativity knows no bounds, and Peter Van Der Helm is undoubtedly one of them. With a journey that started with graffiti at the tender age of 11, Peter, known by his graffiti moniker 'Heez,' has carved a remarkable path through various art forms.

From Graffiti to Graphic Design

Peter's artistic journey began on the vibrant streets of graffiti artistry. The walls of his hometown became his canvas, and 'Heez' became his alter ego. This early exposure to art laid the foundation for what would later become an illustrious career.

As he transitioned into adulthood, Peter found himself working as a designer for a record company, Army 17. Here, he created sleeve designs for renowned artists such as Neophyte, DJ Paul, DJ Rob, MC Joe, Vengaboys, Cubheads, and contributed to countless flyers for underground events like Lunapark and Nightmare in Rotterdam.

The World of Advertising

Peter's creative talents soon extended beyond the realm of music. At the age of 18, he ventured into advertising, where he thrived as an art director. His campaigns graced the marketing materials of global giants like Nike, Greenpeace, G4S, Fanta, and Coca-Cola. Peter's exceptional work in advertising earned him a multitude of prestigious awards, spanning the gamut from internet marketing to television advertising.

The Birth of Walls and Skin

Despite his immense success in advertising, Peter couldn't escape the feeling that something was amiss. He yearned for a more fulfilling path, one that would allow him to express his creativity freely. That's when he made a bold decision – to start his own company, Walls and Skin. This marked a turning point in his life, as he simultaneously delved deeper into the world of tattooing.

Today, with 13 years of tattooing under his belt, Walls and Skin boasts multiple shops across seven locations, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zandvoort, Middelharnis, Amersfoort, and Breda. You can explore their impressive portfolio at

A Lifelong Passion for Graffiti and Tattooing

For Peter, graffiti and tattooing have always been the heart and soul of his artistic journey. Before the onset of the pandemic, Walls and Skin even had its own festival and organized the Dutch Street Art awards. The festival brought together artists and enthusiasts, celebrating the vibrant world of street art and tattooing.

Peter's passion for creativity extends beyond the Netherlands. He's been part of international events and festivals, showcasing his love for graffiti and tattooing. From Baumfest in Barcelona to his involvement with the Inkfactory, Peter's artistry has traveled far and wide.

A Journey of Stories and Memories

Peter Van Der Helm is a firm believer that life is all about the stories you create. He cherishes the connections made through tattooing, understanding that these stories will be his legacy. To him, it's not about the money; it's about crafting experiences and memories that will be cherished forever.

While the responsibilities of fatherhood have added a new dimension to Peter's life, he continues to explore the boundaries of creativity. He even manages to balance his passion for tattooing with advising companies in advertising, ensuring his tattoo shops thrive and provide a platform for more creative endeavors.

Peter's journey is a testament to the power of following one's heart and staying true to artistic passions. As he embarks on new adventures, focusing to do guest artist appearances in Las Vegas, the world can expect more incredible stories and artistry from the indomitable Peter Van Der Helm.

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21 дек. 2023 г.
Оценка: 5 из 5 звезд.

Thank you for introducing us to such remarkable artists as Peter Van Der Helm!


21 дек. 2023 г.
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Interesting article. Dutch multiartist! Respect.

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