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Get to Know Joza Ink: The Tattoo Artist Who Turned His Passion into a Dream Career

Joza Ink is a talented tattoo artist who has turned his lifelong fascination with tattooing into a dream career. From his first tattoo at the age of 15 to his current status as a renowned artist, Joza's journey has been fueled by his passion, drive, and dedication to the art form.

With tattoos from different parts of the world, Joza has a unique style that blends various elements from different styles. He calls his style "scratch," which he has developed over the years to become a cool style that requires a high level of skill. Joza is proud of his work, and he believes in giving his clients the best, which he encapsulates in his slogan, "Give me trust, give you scratch."

When asked about his favourite experience in tattooing, Joza mentions his travels around the world, fulfilling his dream of becoming a better person and artist through tattooing. Tattooing is not just a job to him; it's his life.

If Joza wasn't a tattoo artist, he would express his love for art by painting and installation. Alternatively, his friends have told him that he could be a great stand-up comedian if he wanted to make people laugh.

Joza Ink is a true artist at heart, and his passion for tattooing is evident in every piece he creates. With his unique style and approach to tattooing, it's no wonder he's become such a sought-after artist in the industry. ------ Joza Ink is an artist who has found his passion in tattooing, and it shows in every single piece he creates. His unique style and approach to tattooing sets him apart from the rest, and his passion for his craft is undeniable. Whether it's creating custom pieces for clients or traveling the world as a guest tattoo artist, Joza's dedication and love for his work shines through. His talent and creativity have made him one of the most sought-after tattoo artists, and he continues to inspire other artists and enthusiasts around the world.

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01 mai 2023
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Creativity and rich imagination of the tattoos!

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