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Occupation: Health coach. I own and run my own fitness studio in the town I live in! Lives in: Nelson, BC, Canada Tell us a little bit about Genie: I am a extrovert I love to be around people, I love dancing, being outside, wake surfing, dirt biking, anything that includes the outdoors count me in. I'm a travel girl I want to see the world! (I’ve been to over 12 countries already!) I love my dogs (both pitbulls aka pibbles) I am a Carby girl living in a Carby world haha 3 words that describe you: -Firecracker -Hollywood -Funny

Genie’s Tattoo artists: Andrew @honorboundtattoos Shawn @timbertattoos Leigh @rockymountainhousetattoos What was your first tattoo and what made you decide to get it? My first tattoo was the snakes in a heart on my shoulder, I got it as a reminder. Not everything you see is as it seems. Snakes in love. Irony. Which tattoo means the most to you and why? I would say my most meaningful tattoo would be the butterfly on the back of my leg. I lost my mother in 2021 to suicide and it was a memorial piece for her. Any more ink planned for the future? I have a death moth planned for the front of my other leg and to just to finish my back and a few little tie ins. But all together super happy with it all.   I think getting tattooed for me is more of a mental drive. I get these pieces to remind me of the life I have lived. I love that I can look at my skin and remember why I got each tattoo.

Photos by: Ashley Duggan - Vixen Photo Studio

Model: Genie dean - @idreamgenieee Photographer: Ashley Duggan - Vixen Photo Studio - @vixen.boudoir.okanagan Makeup Artist: Anjelina Alves Artistry - @anjelinaalvesartistry Hair Stylist: Erin Whitney - @erinwhitneyblonde

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Feb 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Waooouuuu - My favourite


Dec 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Interesting and very successful selection of tattoos by Genie!

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